Municipal Law Attorneys in Centerville, Iowa

Municipalities face constant legal challenges and need experienced guidance to help them meet their short and long-range goals. Carver & Grothe, LLP prides itself on representing cities and assisting them with the unique matters they encounter. Our firm develops close relationships with the cities we represent and provides the legal support they need to function well.

Carver & Grothe, LLP offers a wide range of experience in municipal matters including:

  • Nuisance Abatement, including Iowa Code Chapter 657A Abandonment Actions

  • Municipal Citation Prosecution

  • Real Estate Transactions

  • Vacations of Streets and Alleys

  • Open Meeting and Record Law Compliance

  • Ordinance and Resolution Drafting

  • Contract Review and Drafting

  • Legal Advice for City Clerks, Managers, Boards, Councils, and Mayors

  • Attendance at City Council Meetings

  • Annexation

  • Zoning

  • Land Use and Development

  • Construction

  • 28E Agreements

  • Water, Sewer, Wastewater and Electric Authorities

  • Animal Control Enforcement

In addition to acting as City Attorney for several municipalities, our firm offers "as-needed" representation in areas that require special expertise, such as nuisance abatement. Eliminating abandoned or dilapidated properties can be frustrating and time consuming for cities without expert legal help. Carver & Grothe, LLP has extensive experience in nuisance abatement and is able to provide cities with practical, effective solutions. Our firm has had great success in working with cities, community partners, and property owners to improve or demolish derelict homes and businesses.

With Carver & Grothe, LLP, your city will receive responsive, individualized attention that will allow it to govern efficiently and effectively. Whether it is legal advice regarding your city's day to day operations, a complex transaction, or anything in between, our attorneys have the experience to help your city be successful.